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CURRENT NEWS as of 1 September 2015:

I will be launching a KickStarter campaign to raise funds to continue the artist portrait project focusing on women artists. The goal is 70 new portraits of women artists to bring my portrait archive into gender parity. This will go live some time near the end of September.

The work represented in the galleries runs the gamut of my fine art production spanning over fifty years and beginning in 1962. There are twenty six galleries with my work in many different mediums. They include my artist portraits, sculpture, mandalas and drawings plus some of my commercial work. Two other galleries contain nude figure studies made by my Dad, Glen Fishback from 1937 - the mid 1940s and his images of Edward Weston working on Point Lobos near Carmel, CA in 1937. Most of the works pictured are available for purchase. Please feel free to contact me for a custom quote based on your interest.



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